Chelsea and Arsenal Compact Reject Christmas Eve Game

Chelsea and Arsenal Compact Reject Christmas Eve Game

The Premier League plan to stage a match on Christmas Eve is again protested. This time, Chelsea expressed its objection to the plan.

Earlier, the English Premier League operator and broadcast rights holder, Sky, wanted to move two matches from December 23 to December 24. One game is a priority, namely big match between Arsenal and Liverpool.

While one other match has not been determined. But most likely the game is transferred Everton Chelsea counter.

The Liverpool and Arsenal have already submitted a match-related refusal on Christmas Eve. They claim not ready to hold the game because many elements of the club holiday.

“Chelsea supporters have sent a letter to us this week and they are worried that if the game is moved it will be difficult because full transportation and family time is reduced,” said Chelsea’s official statement as reported by the Evening Standard.

“The club is sympathetic to the fans and will forward this complaint to the Premier League operators,” the statement added.

Although some clubs declared their refusal, there has been no answer from the English League and Sky. They just give an announcement on 16 October.

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