Sarri Confident Napoli Domination Manchester City

Sarri Confident Napoli Domination Manchester City

Coach Maurizio Saari believes his Napoli side can dominate the style of Pep Guardiola’s side, Manchester City.

Late Wednesday morning, in the Champions League Group F phase, Napoli will travel to The Citizen, Etihad Stadium.

Responding to the game, he wants the team to improve mentally, in order to be able to win the game when the game later.

Sarri wants Napoli to be wary of all City players who have quality and very dangerous.

Nevertheless Sarri also believes the quality is owned by Napoli no less great with Sergio Aguero cs.

In an interview, Sarri said “Soon we will face City.”

“They are a very strong team. For that they must be wary of their movements. ”

“But I feel sure Napoli will dominate their style of match.”

“Despite being superior in terms of fans, I have hopes Napoli has a strong mentality.”

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