Bio Paulin No Main, Sriwijaya Coach Talks about the Defense Line

Bio Paulin No Main, Sriwijaya Coach Talks about the Defense Line

Sriwijaya FC coach team has not played a tough defender, Bio Paulin, when entertaining Bali United on Wednesday (19/7/2017) at Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium Jakabaring.

The condition raises a big question mark. Moreover, in the game, the defense of Sriwijaya did not perform optimally.

It was reflected from the end result of the game which ended with a score of 2-2, with Bali United in the League 1 match continued.

Moreover, this time Laskar Wong Kito, nicknamed Sriwijaya, was slumped in the bottom of the standings of League 1.

Related to that, Sriwijaya temporary trainer, Hartono Ruslan, admitted will evaluate the team’s defense.

Because, in the last three games, goalkeeper Sriwijaya goalkeeper, Tega Paku Alam, always conceded a goal.

“Yes, it is our back line should be evaluated,” he said.

Related Bio Paulin, former condition of Roma defender is also not fit 100 percent. The latest news, he still attended a separate exercise session.

This was disclosed team physician assistant, Roy Ade Putra. He said Bio Paulin had already recovered from injury, but needed a slow recovery.

“Actually, he can play, but in the first or second round only,” he said.

These conditions make Bio vulnerable to be kicked out of the team if it does not show contribution.

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