Challenge Persiba, Persela Can Not Be Reinforced Eka Ramdani

Challenge Persiba, Persela Can Not Be Reinforced Eka Ramdani

After losing at home from Bhayangkara FC, Persela Lamongan continued his journey in League 1 competition by facing host Newcastle Persiba at Parikesit Stadium on Sunday (23/7/2017), at the 16th week Agen Casino Online.

Although it will only face the basic team of the standings, the team Laskar Joko Tingkir reluctant to underestimate the host. Moreover, in the game, Persela can not be strengthened playmaker pledge them, Eka Ramdani.

“Eka still sick (injured), so left in Lamongan and did not participate in the team to Balikpapan,” said Persela coach, Herry Kiswanto or familiarly called Herkis, Friday (21/07/2017).

In addition to Eka, Persela also will not be strengthened by Ahmad Nur Hardianto and Saddil Ramdani who are members of the national team U-22 Indonesia. So is the case with Brazilian striker Ivan Carlos who still has to undergo an additional punishment from komdis.

Marcio Rosario, also still in Brazil, to wait for his wife who is rumored to be giving birth. This condition makes Persela management then thought would look for a replacement for Marcio.

Meanwhile, young defender Ahmad Birrul Walidain has certainly not included in the group for getting a red card in the last game against Bhayangkara FC.

“Only, we remain optimistic (will get points) even with this limited squad. As long as the kids want to work hard and discipline in the game, I think baseball is not possible, “said Herkis.

The Persela entourage has departed from Lamongan to Balikpapan on Friday (21/7/2017) morning with 18 players, including two foreign players remaining, Jose Coelho and Kosuke Yamazaki Uchida.

Here are 18 Persela players who participated in the trip to the Balipapan;

Goalkeeper; Choirul Huda, Ferdiansyah.

Defender; M. Zainal Haq, Rio Pratama Valentino, Eki Taufik, Taufiq Kasrun, Samsul Arifin, Aang Suparman.

Midfielder; Juan Revi, M. Agung Pribadi, Kosuke Yamazaki Uchida, Bobby Wirawan, Zaenal Arifin, Jose Coelho, Sandi Septian, Edy Gunawan.

Attacker; Fahmi Al Ayyubi, Samsul Arif.

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