Barcelona President Reveals Plan to Spend Money Sales Neymar


Barcelona President Reveals Plan to Spend Money Sales Neymar

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed his team’s plan to use Neymar’s 198 million pounds. This makes it clear that they will find a replacement worth the Brazilian winger.

The Catalan giants were forced to let Neymar leave the club after Paris Saint-Germain redeemed the 25-year-old’s release clause. Some Barca supporters interpret this as a great loss of Azulgrana.

Not a few Barca fans who support this fantastic transfer, and then urged the club immediately looking for a new replacement who can follow in the footsteps of success Neymar.

Munculah some of the names of Europe’s top players called immediately docked to the Camp Nou. Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool), Eden Hazard (Chelsea), Ousmane Dembele (Borussia Dortmund), Kylian Mbappe (Monaco), to Paulo Dybala (Juventus).

They are the names of players who recently reportedly rapidly costumed the Blaugrana for next season.

“We think there is a chance that Neymar can go and for that reason we are improving his release clause,” explained Bartomeu.

“Now we will look for alternatives and whatever happens here will be a great end to Barca because if he survives then we have a great player and if he goes then we bring a lot of money,”

“222 million Euros will be spent properly, accurately, and wisely. It will be used to develop the club and by this means we are in a good position to bring in players. ”

Coutinho became the most powerful player reported to be immediately docked to the Camp Nou. Even long before this, the main pillar of Liverpool was already linked with Barca.

Although later, Reds coach Jurgen Klopp insists his team will not sell his valuable assets. And so far a bid worth 90 million pounds has been posted Azulgrana.

Can be understood indeed, that the player nicknamed The Little Magician was happy at Anfield. It was known after he signed a contract extension in early 2017.

Bartomeu also confirmed about his team that will buy new players, he even guarantee it will come true. Although he still has not divulged who their main target.

“This year there will be no tridente but we can now talk about the team. We will bring the players, the first one is already Semedo, but there will be more. ” (Source: Metro)

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